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Nina Agrawal is an investigative and radio journalist covering energy and the environment for Uptown Radio. She previously worked as a writer and editor for the foreign policy magazine Americas Quarterly and as a public policy researcher. Nina has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Pennsylvania and is pursuing dual master’s degrees from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and Graduate School of Journalism. Nina is originally from sunny southern California but now lives in Brooklyn. When she’s not out chasing a story, she likes to go hiking, cook for friends and avoid falling off her bicycle.


Twitter: @AgrawalNina
Email: na2595@columbia.edu

Oliver ArnoldiOliver Arnoldi covers crime and criminal justice for Uptown Radio. Before attending Columbia, he worked on the Arts Desk at the Telegraph in London, writing about books, films and music. He then moved to Dharamsala, India in the Himalayan foothills where he was a reporter for the Tiber Post. He is now coming to terms with the choice of dumplings on an average New York street.


Twitter: @o_arnoldi
Email: oliver.arnoldi@columbia.edu
Instagram: @oliverarnoldi

_MG_9465Jephie Bernard is a radio journalist who reports on New York City public services for Uptown Radio. She enjoys audio storytelling and is working to create her own podcast. She holds a double bachelor in Multimedia Studies and Social Sciences. Before coming to New York she lived all over South Florida but grew up in Immokalee. She’s fluent in Haitian Creole and enjoys dancing to Kompa and Bachata. Most of all, she loves engaging with people from all around the world.


Twitter: @jephiebernard
Instagram: @jephiebernard
Email: jephiebernard@gmail.com


Stephen BisahaStephan Bisaha is a data and politics reporter from New Jersey. Before joining Uptown Radio, he worked as an adjunct professor at William Paterson University and was the assistant general manager at WP88.7FM, named the best college radio station in the state by the New Jersey Broadcasters Association. Stephan is currently lobbying for a Star Wars beat, but will settle for science fiction.


Twitter: @SteveBisaha
Email: bisahas1@gmail.com

Elizabeth Brockway Elizabeth Brockway covers the sports beat for Uptown Radio. She was born and raised in Washington, D.C., but has spent the past eight years in Manhattan – to some, it’s enough to call her a “New Yorker.” She graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Studies, concentrating in Art History and Photography. She spent the past several years working in fashion and beauty at Into The Gloss and Vogue.com. When not on Reddit or watching hockey, she is an enthusiastic consumer of grilled cheese sandwiches – ketchup and Tabasco sauce on the side, of course.


Twitter: @theEbrockway
Email: ehb2132@columbia.edu


Henriette Chacar covers human rights for Uptown Radio. A Palestinian born and raised in Jaffa, Israel, Henriette is fluent in English, Arabic and Hebrew. Henriette graduated from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya with a B.A. in Government, worked in people-to-people conflict resolution initiatives and wrote for +972 Magazine. Before coming to Columbia, Henriette interned with the Democratic Progress Institute in London. Henriette is always ready to travel, can curiously observe people for hours (no, she doesn’t consider it staring), and live for days eating only chocolatey things.


Twitter: @henriettechacar
Email: hc2833@columbia.edu
Instagram: @henriec

Gilda Di CarliGilda Di Carli covers education for Uptown Radio. She aspires to be an investigative radio journalist on environment, education and social justice issues. She speaks fluent Spanish and French. Before Columbia, she interned at Radio France International and Slate.fr in Paris, France. As an undergrad at Brandeis University, she worked at The Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism and local news outlets in Boston suburbia. She can’t get enough of stand-up comedy. She shares her birthday with the World’s Tallest Dog, Zeus.


Email: gd2457@columbia.edu

Katie Ferguson Katie Ferguson is a reporter based in Brooklyn, N.Y. She is a 2013 graduate of Vassar College with a degree in political science and Italian. A native of Pittsburgh, Katie covers the intellectual and cultural life beat for Uptown Radio. Her non-radio activities include reading, running, and making personalized birthday cards. Katie is fluent in Italian and enjoys spending as much time outside as she can.


Twitter: @makaferg
Email: makaferg@gmail.com
Instagram: @makaferg

Laura Gamba Laura Gamba covers international affairs and international organizations for Uptown Radio. Before coming to Columbia University, she worked in Colombia as a legal researcher at the World Bank, taught commercial law, and blogged about politics and social justice issues. Laura did a law major and a journalism minor, a time during which she worked as an editor in chief of her college newspaper. She thinks South America is not sufficiently covered in the news, so she likes reporting about people and issues coming from the southern side of the border.


Twitter: @lauragamba52
Email: lg2841@columbia.edu
Instagram: @lauragamba52

Erin Golackson covers Religion for Uptown Radio. She comes from Tehachapi, California and got into journalism while studying cultural anthropology at UC Davis. Before Columbia, she was a small town Director of Parks and Recreation, coached sports in Kyrgyzstan, worked for non-profit teaching children about environmental issues with ventriloquist animal puppets and wrote cheesy travel stories for Australia’s largest circulating tourist guide. She enjoys adventure sports, distance running, playing guitar and listening to her grandma’s stories.


Twitter: @egolackson
Email: eng2118@columbia.edu

Adèle Humbert is a French multimedia journalist based in New York.

She coversasLVI1LF_400x400 immigration for Uptown Radio. Humbert holds a Master’s degree in law. Before attending Columbia Journalism School, she worked for Le Monde and for the French National Public Radio, in Paris. In 2012, she was a reporter in Beijing for the French broadcaster Hikari Productions.


Twitter: @AdeleHumbert
Instagram: @AdeleHumbert_
Email: ah3343@columbia.edu

Jaki JohnsonJennifer “Jaki” Johnson
is a media personality and journalist. She is pursuing her M.S. degree in journalism at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. She has been an on-air feature reporter for CBS Radio, Cox Radio and Cumulus Media. Her work has been featured on Essence, Huffington Post and MSNBCTheGrio.com. When she is not busy reporting, you can catch her in the blue skies flying the world. Having been to over 17 countries, she aims to fly to four more this year!


Twitter: allaboutjaki
Instagram: jakijmediapersonality
E-mail: jennifer.j.johnson@columbia.edu
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Isabella Kulkarni Isabella Kulkarni is a radiophile and multimedia reporter covering technology for Uptown Radio. Born in Boston, MA and recently transplanted from Berkeley, CA, Isabella Kulkarni received a BA in International Relations and Anthropology from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. In New York she has reported for The Uptowner and is currently working on an audio story about physician assisted death.


Twitter: ibbykirk
Email: ipk2104@columbia.edu


Amina LovellAmina Lovell is the Arts & Entertainment reporter for Uptown Radio. Currently a master’s student at Columbia University’s Journalism School, she is working on being a one-woman multimedia band. Her training involves audio, video, and photojournalism skills. Prior to J-school she has worked for media houses like BET, FOX and Clear Channel. She holds a BA in Communication and Public Relations. She is well-versed in multimedia planning and strategy, project coordination and execution.


Portfolio: aminalovell.com
Social Media: @aminalovell1
Email: al3466@columbia.edu


Adrian Ma covers business and the economy for Uptown Radio. He is a former law clerk turned journo, who’s especially interested in stories that cross the boundaries of law into business, tech, art, and the media. Prior to coming to CJS, he clerked for a judge at the U.S. District Court in Baltimore, Maryland. He went to the University of Maryland School of Law, during which time he interned for the Baltimore City Circuit Court, the public defender, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. In a prior life he was also a cook at a ramen shop in Washington DC, though he thinks the packaged stuff is delicious too.


Website: AdrianMa.xyz
Instagram: @AdrianJMa
Email: Adrian.J.Ma@gmail.com

Shandukani MulaudziShandukani Mulaudzi is a South African multimedia journalist in love with audio storytelling. She holds a BA honours degree in Journalism and a BComm degree in Accounting and Business Management. When she is not searching for health stories to produce for Uptown radio, she’s dreaming about changing the world, immersed in a book, watching Netflix or dancing until her legs cry foul. She’s been described as “having the energy of a 5-year-old party” and is always up for a cup of coffee – no matter what time of the day.


Website: shandukanimulaudzi.com
Twitter: @ShanduMul
Instagram: @ShanduMul
Email: s.mulaudzi@columbia.edu

Tyler Pratt reports on housing, living and affordability in New York for Uptown Radio. Before moving to Brooklyn, Tyler was a host and producer at Austin public radio stations KUT and KUTX. His work has appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition, The Takeaway, Freakonomics Radio and The Brian Lehrer Show. Tyler is also a writer and photographer with a passion for telling stories of the American South. Keep up with his adventures, love of Southern food, all things New Orleans and new tattoos on Twitter and Instagram.


Twitter: @theTylerPratt
Instagram: @whiskeymagic


Daniel RostasDaniel Rostas is a multimedia journalist from Toronto, Canada. He covers transportation for Uptown Radio. Before coming to Columbia, Daniel worked as an associate producer at CBC Radio in Toronto, as well as interning at Global News Toronto and CHRY 105.5 FM. He holds a BA in Media Production from the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University in Toronto. Daniel is also a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, a performing arts conservatory on the Upper West Side. Daniel is an avid gamer and has a goal to see at least one show on/off-Broadway every week.


Twitter: @DanielRostas
Email: daniel.rostas@columbia.edu


Åsa Secher Åsa Secher grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and covers science for Uptown Radio. She holds a B.A. in Journalism from Stockholm University and a diploma in Journalism, Multimedia and Stereotypes from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Århus, Denmark. Before coming to Columbia, she worked as a freelance journalist for Swedish magazines and as executive producer for a live daily current affairs show at the Swedish Radio. One day she plans to start her own digital media company and produce podcasts for a Swedish audience. Her fake Danish is excellent, she has so far travelled to 42 countries and wishes her name wasn’t spelled with a letter that only exists in Scandinavia.


Twitter: @asasecher
Website: Åsa Secher
Email: asasecher@gmail.com

Alison Vicrobeck Alison Vicrobeck is covering the 2016 presidential elections for Uptown Radio. She holds a B.A. in Political Sciences and International Law from SciencesPo in Paris. Before attending Columbia she worked as a host, producer and on-air reporter for various radio and television outlets in Canada, including Radio-Canada/CBC, CHOQ-FM, TFO and Unis. A citizen of both France and Canada, fluent in French, English, Spanish and Creole, Alison has lived in many countries across the globe. She believes that the best way to travel is through books and food.


Twitter: @alisonvicrobeck
Instagram: @alisonvicrobeck
Website: Alison Vicrobeck
Email: alisonvicrobeck@gmail.com


Suzie Xie is a journalist based in New York. She covers race and ethnicity for Uptown Radio. Before attending Columbia Journalism School, Xie was a copy editor and news anchor in New Jersey. She is the sister and lifelong publicist of a “Jeopardy!” champion.


Twitter: @suziecxie
Instagram: @suziecxie
Email: suziecxie@gmail.com