Save Those Scraps! New York City is Expanding its Composting Program

New York City has a lot of waste. And most of it, is food waste. Last year, the Department of Sanitation collected nearly 30,000 tons of banana peels, coffee grounds and expired lettuce. And the city is expanding its composting program. But not mandating it. If it did, it could be collecting 40 times that. As the program stands now, few people are participating. And environmentalists are hoping to get that number up. Meira Gebel reports.

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New York Releases Offshore Wind Plan Amid Blowback from Activists

Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo released a new plan to build offshore wind farms in New York. The Offshore Wind Master Plan charts a course for the state to power over a million homes with clean wind energy by 2030. The plan calls for wind farms to be built 20 miles off the coast of Long Island. It’s been applauded by many… But as Bo Hamby reports, not everyone is jumping on board.

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Waste Collectors Say New Proposal to Reform Trash Collection Won’t Work

A new bill in the city council could change the way commercial trash is collected in the city. A group of environmental and labor activists say the bill would reduce truck traffic and hold the private waste hauling industry accountable for better standards. But the private waste companies that collect this trash say the proposal just won’t work. Nina Agrawal has more.

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The Millionth Tree: Street Trees Improve Life in the City’s Poorest Neighborhoods

In 2007, Mayor Bloomberg decided to plant trees in the streets of New York. To make the city greener, one million trees would be planted in a decade. The initiative cost the city $400 million… and is now near its goal. As Adélie Pontay reports,  the neighborhoods that needed the most trees were also some of the poorest areas in the city. She went for a walk around the leafy streets of East New York in Brooklyn to see how the neighborhood has changed.

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Car companies promote electric cars despite dreary year 2014

The International New York Auto Show starts today, at the Javits Convention Center.

One category trying to get attention is electric cars. Lots of new cars are being displayed there. Some companies have decided to show their latest environment-friendly cars, even though electric cars’ sales in the US are not taking off.

Gregoire Molle reports.

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Slush Waves Wash Over Nantucket

(Photo by Jonathan Nimerfroh)

Not all slushies come in styrofoam cups. Off the coast of Massachusetts yesterday, Nantucket islanders saw giant waves frozen over with slush. Sarah Oktay is an oceanographer at the University of Massachusetts Field Station on the island. She tells Cassandra Basler why this happens when record cold combines with a very specific set of conditions.

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