Reelabilities Festival Makes Access An Even Bigger Priority

1 in 5 Americans is disabled. That’s about 20% of the country. That’s not news to the folks behind this weekend’s reelability film festival. The event shows films that represent different kinds of ability on the big screen. But the focus this year, is making sure everyone, regardless of ability, can experience them. Isabella Kulkarni reports.

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MAP: Find NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Campaign Donors

Mayor Bill de Blasio has raised over one-million dollars for his re-election. An election more than a year and a half away. Many of his biggest donors stretch from midtown to the southern tip of Manhattan. A few donors are scattered through Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx while little come from the traditionally conservative borough of Staten Island. And hundreds of thousands of dollars come from outside the state, like the nearly five-thousand dollars donated by the CEO of DreamWorks Animation.

To see where the mayor’s donors work – and how much they gave – click on read more and use the map.

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Uptown Radio – March 11, 2016 – Full Broadcast

This week on Uptown Radio,black voters went to the polls in record numbers. With the Presidential Primaries in full swing, what can we expect from black voters this year? Evictions in New York are down by almost 20 percent. But nationwide it’s a different story. Experts say the current transit system is not serving Staten Island resident’s needs. Also on today’s show, the true meaning of Holi. And a British Invasion, Rugby comes to north Jersey. All that and more on Uptown Radio.

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