Two- Way: Bronx Gang Arrests – April 29, 2016

On Wednesday, federal law enforcement authorities charged one hundred twenty people on counts of racketeering and narcotics conspiracies under the Rico Act. This federal law aims at controlling organized crime in the United States. David Botherton is a professor of sociology at John Jay College of criminal justice in New York. He says these arrests are an example of authorities using that legislation to justify sweeping action against gang violence.

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New Country Called Liberland Coming Soon….

So… staying with travel… There’s a new country to visit… It’s called Liberland. And it’s sit in the middle of the Danube River, a small island between Serbia and Croatia.

Oh! You haven’t heard of it?

That’s because this “micronation” is pretty new. Adele Humbert spent time with Liberland’s supporters here in New York, who are celebrating the country’s first anniversary…

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“Tech-fugees” Seek Hi-Tech Solutions To Migrant Crisis

While much of Europe is struggling with the current Syrian refugee crisis, Calais – a city in Northern France – has been dealing with a migrant population since the late 1990s. Now, a group of civic minded technology and design people are using this community as a way to try out some ideas of how to make lives for refugees a little safer. Adele Humbert reports.

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