2019 Staff

Sophia Ahmadi covers Human Rights for Uptown Radio. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2016 with a degree in French and Spanish. Before moving to New York, she worked in radio for Monocle 24 in London on its morning news show, which covered international news and business. Find her on Instagram @sophia_c_ahmadi and on Twitter @AhmadiSophia

Email:  scb2190@columbia.edu

Cynthia Betubiza is a NYC-based writer and journalist passionate about politics, labor, health equity, trans rights, the environment, social justice, and the arts. She is currently pursuing her M.S. at Columbia Journalism School, specializing in multimedia. Outside interests include Netflix cooking shows, music, movies, creative writing, anything having to do with the African continent, comedy, and podcasts that remind her that the world is still a beautiful place. Find her on Twitter @CynthiaBetubiza.

Email: cynthiabetubiza@gmail.com

Alex Colletta covers education for Uptown Radio. Born and raised in California, Alex graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2012 with a degree in English Literature. Before coming to Columbia Journalism School, he worked in marketing at a tech company in San Diego. In his free time, Alex enjoys getting outdoors, discovering new music, and working on creative projects with friends.

You can reach him at ajc2274@columbia.edu or on Twitter: @alexcolletta.

Hannah Critchfield covers city transportation for Uptown Radio. Before coming to New York, she navigated the DC metro for her job in juvenile justice policy, and is relieved to be back in a place where people talk to each other on the subway. As a contributing writer for Sojourners Magazine, she has covered immigration, gender, and local politics. Originally hailing from a town called Normal, Hannah is also a seven-year graduate of the city’s circus camp (she doesn’t commute by unicycle, but could if she wanted to). Follow her on Twitter at @hannacritch

Email: hc3054@columbia.edu

Maddy Foley covers technology for Uptown Radio. A part-time student, she’s also a culture reporter for Inverse and a tour guide/plant pal at a rooftop farm in Brooklyn. Though she’s worked a number of jobs, from bookseller to brunch server, nothing has been more challenging than the time she taught improv comedy to academically-gifted 11-year-olds in suburban Chicago. She’s on Twitter, kind of: @maddy_efff.

Email: mcf2179@columbia.edu

Bianca Giacobone covers all things business and finance for Uptown Radio. She has come to journalism after four years of eye-numbing reading and frantic writing that resulted in a couple of literature degrees. She is originally from Milan, Italy, where she has worked for the online newspaper The Submarine and co-created the feminist podcast Chiamando Eva.

You can find her on twitter @BiancaGiac where she swears she’ll start being active sooner or later. Or, more reliably, you can email her at bg2403@columbia.edu

Maggie Green grew up with a microscope on her kitchen table and a love for all things science. A graduate of Yale University, she started her journalism career at WMC-TV in Memphis, Tenn., serving multiple roles from editor to digital producer. She covers science for Uptown Radio, but is also interested in health care and the LGBTQ+ community. Maggie enjoys acroyoga, aerial arts, ice dancing, and playing with her very cute dog, Simon. Follow her on Twitter: @MaggieReports19

Email: mrg2229@columbia.edu

Stephanie Horton covers arts & entertainment for Uptown Radio. No stranger to the art world, she went to film school in her home state of Virginia specializing in screenwriting.  After graduating she joined the Peace Corps to teach English in Togo. She later moved to France to teach where the cheese selection was much more robust. She’s happy to be reporting in New York where sticking a microphone in someone’s face is actually pretty normal. When she’s not looking for stories, she enjoys frequenting movie theaters and knitting her own sweaters. Find her at full sass on twitter @stephaniehorton

Email: smh2273@columbia.edu

Lauren Lantry covers national politics for Uptown Radio. Originally from Los Angeles, she’s lived in New York City for the last six years. Before coming to Columbia, Lauren worked in political commentary at the late-night comedy show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. She attended Barnard College of Columbia University for her undergrad, where she majored in American Studies focusing on the intersection of media and politics. When she’s not scrambling to cover the latest breaking news, she’s off the grid skiing or hiking around the world. You can find her on instagram @lantrylauren or twitter @lantrylauren.

Email: lkl2123@columbia.edu

Shannon Lin covers race and ethnicity for Uptown Radio. A Bay Area native, she studied Broadcasting at San Francisco State University before moving to Taiwan where she covered migrant workers for the online publication The News Lens. In her free time, she enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, reading sci-fi novels and is on a mission to find the best cheesecake in New York City. You can find her on Twitter @linshannonlin.

Email: sl4458@columbia.edu

Sachi McClendon covers intellectual and cultural life for Uptown Radio. Odd, as he’s neither intelligent nor cultured. You can find him on Twitter @mcclendonsachi

Email: jwm2164@columbia.edu

Camille Petersen covers healthcare and medicine for Uptown Radio. She studied Anthropology and Psychology at Columbia University and tried out careers in education, politics, social work, and digital marketing before starting journalism school. She enjoys poetry, parks, and Trader Joe’s during off-peak shopping times. Twitter: @cfvspetersen

Email: cp2729@columbia.edu

Andrea Salcedo covers immigration for Uptown Radio. She has Panamanian and Venezuelan roots, but is pretty used to New York’s winter by now. Before moving to the city, Andrea lived in Chicago for almost four years. There, she covered immigration stories including President Trump’s travel ban, DACA recipients living in legal limbo and teachers receiving immigration training to better address their students’ needs. Whenever she’s not reporting and running on four cups of black coffee, she’s probably drinking more coffee, reading, looking for new restaurants to try or exploring the city. Tweet her @salcedonews and feel free to share story ideas via  aps2197@columbia.edu
Ali Swenson covers state and local politics for Uptown Radio. A Seattle native, she has also lived in Los Angeles, where she attended Loyola Marymount University. Working both as editor of her campus newspaper and as an assistant editor at L.A. Times Opinion, she spent many hours listening to political podcasts in mind-numbing 405 traffic. She’s thankful she now gets to listen to political podcasts on the subway. In her free time, she likes drinking coffee, eating Thai food and running in Central Park. Not at the same time. Follow her on Twitter @aliswenson.

Email: ams2548@columbia.edu

Moira Warburton covers economic development for Uptown Radio. She’s Canadian transplant who’s biked to work in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Washington, D.C., Grenoble, France, and New York City. The latter is definitely the most terrifying. When not dodging murderous taxis, she can be found baking, haranguing sources or losing herself in second-hand bookshops. Once in a while, she makes a peep on Twitter at @moirawarburton.

Email: mew229@columbia.edu

Rebekah F. Ward is a Canadian reporter at large in the Big Apple. She covers Environment for Uptown Radio. Most recently, Rebekah reported for France 24 Español in Bogotá, where she produced daily news and features for international television. Before journalism, she focused on human rights and environmental issues through UN programs, curriculum design, nonprofit work, and research; she is also a recovering Division I basketball player. A polyglot-in-training, she speaks English, French and Spanish. The only thing she never misses about Montreal? The cold. See more work at rebekahfward.com, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @rebekahfward.