Security Experts Concerned About White House Proposal to Cut Counter-Terrorism Funds

In the wake of the attacks in Brussels, New York City has stepped up its security. The NYPD has deployed special heavily-armed counterterrorism teams to major landmarks and transportation hubs across the city. But at the same time, President Obama is proposing to cut counter terrorism funds nearly in half. As Laura Gamba reports, that has security experts concerned about safety in the city. (18)

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After Terrorist Attack Kills 148, Reactions from Nairobi

CHARLOTTE: Gunmen from Al-Shabab, an Al-Qaida affiliate based in Somalia, killed 148 people at a university in Kenya yesterday. That’s the group’s deadliest attack in the East African country.

ARIEL: I spoke with Murithi Mutiga, a freelance journalist for The New York Times who has been covering the attack’s aftermath. We talked over a shaky Skype connection, as he reported outside of a Nairobi hospital.

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Weighing The Long Term Effects Of A Military Intervention

President Obama is asking Congress to give him the power to take military action in the Middle East. He is seeking approval to fight the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS. But it seems like Congress doesn’t want to grant these war powers to the President. Gregoire Molle explores what are the long-term worries of a decision that needs to be taken soon.

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