2015 Master’s Projects

Check out the 2015 Columbia Journalism School Master’s Projects in audio and audio hybrid form below. You can also find them by clicking on the menu at the top of this page.


Songs for the Middle East

by Sara Aridi
This is a story about three Middle Eastern artists who’ve been addressing events in the region from abroad through their music.


Eating Bugs: The Rising Culture of Entomophagy in the U.S.

by Pola Lem


Finding home: The Piecemeal Journey From El Salvador to Long Island

The story of eight relatives, six of them children traveling alone,  fleeing violence in El Salvador as part of a migratory wave to the United States. And of the woman at the heart of their family.

by Camille von Kaenel


Ancestral Memories

by Elah Feder


Car Culture Among Children of Immigrants

by Kamelia Kilawan


Indigenous Mexicans in New York, Without Spanish or English, Struggle for a Foothold?

by Adelie Pontay


Life in limbo: How the surge of unaccompanied children is playing out in New York

by Asthaa Chaturvedi


When Prayer Isn’t Enough

by Natasha Payes


Unintentional Pioneer

by Miriam Sitz


All The World’s A Stage: Prison, Theater, Empathy and the Neuroplasticity of the Brain

by Arianna Skibell


Acting like an adult: The life of a child actor in NYC

by Hanna Klingberg


The Little Plastic ‘T’

by Cassandra Basler


Living on the Spectrum

by Gregoire Molle


How Gin Regained It’s Place In the Center of the Shelf

by Helena Pike