Strong Showing from Minority Voters Expected at the Polls

Today is the last day for New Yorkers to register to vote in the presidential primaries. And New Yorkers are registering in droves. The State’s online voter registration system is experiencing a surge in applications, in just 10 days, over 40,000 people registered to vote online, half of which were first time voters. As Alison Vicrobeck reports, Donald Trump’s controversial candidacy is pushing more minority and female voters to sign up.

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Where Is the Black Vote?

In the last Presidential election the percentage of black voters was higher than the percentage of white….by 2 percent. 66 percent to 64. Celebrities, community influencers and student groups worked to mobilize the black vote. Now…with presidential primaries in full swing again. Black Votes Matter a New York based PAC, is trying to recreate that momentum. Jaki Johnson reports.

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With Trump as Frontrunner, What’s Next for the GOP?

This has been a major week for the Republican party. Donald Trump was able to confirm his position as frontrunner in the party’s presidential primaries. At the same time, establishment Republicans have voiced their concerns about Trump’s candidacy.

I spoke with Thomas Whalen, Associate Professor of Social Sciences at Boston University. He shared his biggest takeaways from this week.

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You don’t need to look far beyond last week’s headlines to find a story of corruption in New Jersey.

This month, longtime New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez pled not guilty to charges of bribery brought by federal prosecutor Paul Fishman.

Correspondent Tyler Daniels went back to his home state in an attempt to figure out why New Jersey’s history — both recent and past — has been so plagued by scandal.

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Wikimedia Files Suit Against NSA

This Wednesday, Wikimedia and eight other organizations sued the NSA. The lawsuit challenges the agency’s widespread use of mass surveillance online. I spoke with Michelle Paulson, senior legal counsel for Wikimedia, about how they believe the NSA’s program is damaging to privacy and even freedom.

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Closing the door on performer royalties

For most musicians, the sign, and sound, of a breakthrough is when you hear yourself on the radio. Now, if you wrote the song, you get royalties every time it’s played. But the performer doesn’t. The U.S. is one of the few countries in the world where AM and FM radio stations don’t pay royalties to performers. And now, a new resolution introduced in Congress aims to make sure they never have to. But Hanna Klingberg hears the sounds of change.

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Dealing with corruption in American politics

The Justice Department will soon press corruption charges against New Jersey senator Robert Menendez. The case centers on the financial relationship between Menendez and a Florida ophthalmologist. That’s happening less than a month months after Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was indicted for corruption. Fordham Law School hosted a conference today to address how corruption affects American politics, and suggested a few answers.

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