Helicopter Tours Get Chopped

Normally, tourists hoping to get an ariel view of the city skyline can catch a ride on a helicopter tour. But starting this weekend, the choppers will be barred from flying on Sundays. It’s part of deal the city struck with tour operators to cut flights in half by next year. And while the city says it’s a compromise between local residents and business, Adrian Ma explains why no party involved is buzzing with enthusiasm over the deal.

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Car companies promote electric cars despite dreary year 2014

The International New York Auto Show starts today, at the Javits Convention Center.

One category trying to get attention is electric cars. Lots of new cars are being displayed there. Some companies have decided to show their latest environment-friendly cars, even though electric cars’ sales in the US are not taking off.

Gregoire Molle reports.

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McDonald’s, Minimum Wage and the March Jobs Report

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the March jobs report this morning, revealing a slowdown in hiring much larger than anticipated. Only 126,000 jobs were added — about half of what economists were predicted. The good news is hourly earnings rose slightly, beating expectations. That indicates the labor market is tightening — to attract employees, businesses have to pay more. Today, Miriam Sitz started her morning at a restaurant in Harlem to see how jobs report numbers play out in real life. She went to McDonald’s on 125th and Broadway.

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