New Dating Site Offers A Hunk of “Berning” Love

Looking for a match this election season? You may want to open your browser to a new site that launched this week. It’s a dating site for Bernie Sanders fans with the tagline, it’s not only the 1% getting screwed this election season. And it’s new twist on niche dating sites where the business of matchmaking is more about how daters identify, than profit. Isabella Kulkarni reports.

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Uptown Radio – February 26, 2016 – Full Broadcast

This week on Uptown Radio, you’ll hear from the Asian American community who’s outraged over the conviction of former police officer Peter Liang, and some are trying to transform that anger into votes. A network of charter schools is fighting to get back its pre-K funding, but some education advocates say they shouldn’t get it without more oversight from the city. And with Super Tuesday looming, we look ahead to the most important night of this contentious campaign season.

Also on the show, we discuss heroin addiction in Staten Island. In March, police and prosecutors in Staten Island will be investigating every heroin related death as if it were a homicide — the goal is to track down the dealers.

Listen to the full broadcast above, or find an individual track below – and be sure to tune in next Friday at 4:00pm for our next broadcast.

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