Weighing The Long Term Effects Of A Military Intervention

President Obama is asking Congress to give him the power to take military action in the Middle East. He is seeking approval to fight the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS. But it seems like Congress doesn’t want to grant these war powers to the President. Gregoire Molle explores what are the long-term worries of a decision that needs to be taken soon.

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Reassuring Immigrants After the Halt of DACA

The debate over funding the agency reflects a greater fight over President Barack Obama’s immigration policies. A federal judge in Texas halted the launch of a program last week that would have prevented 4 million people from being deported. Adélie Pontay reports that without the program, advocates and immigrant communities are scrambling on what to do next.

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Slush Waves Wash Over Nantucket

(Photo by Jonathan Nimerfroh)

Not all slushies come in styrofoam cups. Off the coast of Massachusetts yesterday, Nantucket islanders saw giant waves frozen over with slush. Sarah Oktay is an oceanographer at the University of Massachusetts Field Station on the island. She tells Cassandra Basler why this happens when record cold combines with a very specific set of conditions.

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