Analyzing the Outcome of British Election with the BBC’s David Dimbleby

This morning the United Kingdom’s conservative party claimed victory in the UK , allowing prime minister David Cameron to serve another term in office. Polls projected a much closer race – but Labour wound up disappointed suffering a major loss of seats, mostly in Scotland. This morning Labor prime minister candidate Ed Miliband resigned from his leadership role. For more on the British election, I turned David Dimbleby, who’s been covering the British Elections for the BBC since 1979.

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You don’t need to look far beyond last week’s headlines to find a story of corruption in New Jersey.

This month, longtime New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez pled not guilty to charges of bribery brought by federal prosecutor Paul Fishman.

Correspondent Tyler Daniels went back to his home state in an attempt to figure out why New Jersey’s history — both recent and past — has been so plagued by scandal.

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