Beer Trees

HOST INTRO: Now, we have a story about supply and demand. And…beer. Upstate New York was once the biggest grower of a little crop called hops–the ingredient that gives beer its flavor.   Recently, the state has been trying to revitalize this century old industry by encouraging craft brewers to buy from local farmers. The […]

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A City Tries to Combat Stop Opioid Overdoses

Mayor De Blasio recently pledged $38 million to combat the dramatically growing problem of opioid addiction. Nearly 1,100 (eleven hundred) New Yorkers died of opioid overdoses in 2016, more than homicides and car crashes combined. The increase in overdoses is largely attributed to Fentanyl — a powerful synthetic painkiller often mixed with heroin. To tackle the problem, lawmakers are embracing methods that were once considered controversial. Katherine Sullivan reports.

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Debate Over DNA Use in Criminal Investigations Prompts Rally in Queens

Forensic DNA familial DNA search – should it be banned in NYC? Uptown Radio’s Katherine Sullivan reports from a rally at City Hall.

The introduction of forensic DNA testing fundamentally changed criminal investigations, and has even led to exonerations for some wrongfully convicted. But a controversial method of DNA testing–Familial DNA–is under debate in the state. Katherine Sullivan went to City Hall today to hear arguments about whether New York should allow the practice.

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