Unaccompanied Child Migrants Face Court Alone

Two years ago, President Obama made the decision to fast-track deportation cases. It has forced many unaccompanied child migrants — some as young as four — to face immigration court without an attorney. New York City is unique, because a coalition of nonprofits called ICARE has been working together since then to provide legal services for free. But with the Department of Homeland Security doubling down on arrest and raids since early March, is ICARE a sufficient solution to the humanitarian crisis? Henriette Chacar reports.

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NY State Senate Bills Challenge Freedom of Speech

Israeli Apartheid Week is taking place on campuses across the world, including Columbia University’s as of Monday. One of the event’s central goals is to garner support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, known more commonly as BDS. This nonviolent initiative is modeled after the 1980s campaign against apartheid in South Africa — but is directed at Israel and its treatment of Palestinians. The BDS movement is in its 11th year, but still stirs controversy. Now, the debate has reached the New York State Senate. Henriette Chacar reports.

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Apple to FBI: Code is Speech

Apple and the FBI are escalating their legal dispute over access to the phone of Syed Farook, one of the two attackers in San Bernardino in December. Although the FBI has permission to search the phone, it doesn’t have Farook’s passcode. It’s suing Apple for backdoor access, and now Apple is suing the FBI back.

Michael Froomkin is a law professor at Miami University. And he says the heart of Apple’s argument is based on a law almost no one has heard of: the All Writs Act.

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