Actor By Day, Uber Driver by Night

With the rise of Uber, TaskRabbit and other on-demand services, more people are working in the “gig” economy – stringing freelance jobs to make ends meet. There’s a whole category of people who are way ahead of the game. Actors. According to the National Endowment for the Arts, less than a quarter of actors are employed full-time in their profession. Many have learned to make ends meet by taking freelance jobs that fit around audition schedules and shoots.

So freelance work becomes more common, Daniel Rostas asked a number of New York actors how they’ve learned to make ends meet.

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Newark Airport Expands Flights and Cheaper Airfares

If you fly into or out of Newark Airport, more flight options and cheaper airfares may be in your future.

The Federal Aviation Administration – or FAA – says it’s loosening restrictions on the number of flights taking off and landing at the New Jersey airport.

Daniel Rostas went to find out what this change will mean for Newark Airport and the passengers and airlines that use it.

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Does Staten Island Get Enough Transit Funding?

The 1 Train isn’t stopping at South Ferry this weekend. If you live on Staten Island, that means one less transit option to get you to the rest of the city – and that’s after you take the ferry.

Some residents say the borough is a transit desert, with the current system failing to move customers both on and off the island efficiently.

With major transit projects around the city getting billions of dollars in funding, reporter Daniel Rostas went to find out: why isn’t Staten Island getting the same transit investments as other boroughs?

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Can You Get Good Quality Sleep On The Subway?

The NYPD says crime on the subways is up almost thirty percent this year compared to last – that number includes slashings, sexual assault and robberies. And half of those crimes happened to sleeping passengers. That has cops asking riders to stay awake on the subway – and in some cases, threatening to wake them up. So if police get serious about stopping subway snoozing, will New Yorkers lose a real source of restful sleep? Daniel Rostas reports.

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