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It’s been a week since the deadline for the state budget passed. And members of the Republican-led Senate are considering a possible resolution to the political stalemate. The Democrat-led Assembly says its willing to support a compromise on the 3 key issues: Raising the age of adult criminal responsibility. Affordable housing tax credits. And funding for charter schools. Mayor Bill de Blasio doesn’t have a vote on the budget. But he has concerns about the issue of school funding. He was on the Brian Lehrer Show this morning.



I believe in traditional public schools. Charters have a role to play, and we’ll certainly work with them. But the notion of favoring them further in funding is troubling to me.


It’s still not clear when they’ll meet next. Several lawmakers have already left for Passover-Easter break.




-A Staten Island judge says the city can destroy personal documents used to apply for the city’s identification program, NYC ID. The program gives ID cards to residents who may have trouble obtaining regular IDs, like undocumented immigrants, the formerly incarcerated and transgender people. Two Republican Assemblymembers are planning to appeal the decision. They say purging these documents could be a threat to national security.




-Things are almost back on track at Penn Station after Monday’s train derailment. Amtrak restored service to all tracks. And commuters can expect a smoother ride home during tonight’s evening rush. Amtrak’s President and CEO Wick Moorman personally apologized for the inconvenience at a press conference yesterday.



It’s our job to make sure all of the passengers on AMtrak and commuter partners can travel safely and reliably.


We’ll have more on the long-term effects of Monday’s derailment coming up.




In other transit news: 16 subway lines will be affected by service changes this weekend.




Right now, it’s 47 degrees and cloudy in New York City. But this weekend, you might want to grab your shades–it’s going to be sunny with a high of 63 degrees.


Meg Dalton, Columbia Radio News.


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