Debate Over DNA Use in Criminal Investigations Prompts Rally in Queens

Forensic DNA familial DNA search – should it be banned in NYC? Uptown Radio’s Katherine Sullivan reports from a rally at City Hall.

The introduction of forensic DNA testing fundamentally changed criminal investigations, and has even led to exonerations for some wrongfully convicted. But a controversial method of DNA testing–Familial DNA–is under debate in the state. Katherine Sullivan went to City Hall today to hear arguments about whether New York should allow the practice.

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Threat of Super High-Rise Buildings Prompt Town Hall Meeting

This morning, New Yorkers held a town hall meeting on changing zoning laws to prevent super high-rise buildings on residential side streets. Kamila Kudelska reports.

New York City has limited space….so developers build up. But skyscrapers can mean higher rents and casting shadows. Sutton Place, a residential community on the Upper East Side, is fighting to re-zone their area so that 1,000 foot megatowers won’t come into their neighborhood. Kamila Kudelska has this report.

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Amnesty International and The Raging Grannies Protest President Trump

Yesterday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California rejected President Trump’s efforts to lift his travel ban from seven majority-muslim countries. The judges on the case challenged Trump’s claim that the courts should stay out of the process, and ruled that there was no immediate threat to national security to warrant the ban.But Trump has vowed to keep fighting. And so have a slew of human rights organizations. Rebecca Scott brings us this story from a protest today in midtown Manhattan.

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Mayor de Blasio’s Affordable Housing Campaign Causes Tax Credit Problems

According to Curbed NY- a website dedicated to New York real estate, rents are high as ever. Mayor de Blasio ran on campaign of creating more affordable housing. The main way that’s happened is through giving developers tax breaks if they make a certain percentage of new apartments more affordable. But enforcement has been tricky and a recent audit says the city may have given away more than $2 billion dollars in these tax credits with little to show for it. Now, Governor Cuomo has a new affordable housing on the table. Max Hauptman reports.

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Community Grapples With Nuclear Power Plant Closing

In January, Governor Cuomo’s office announced plans to shut down the Indian Point Energy Center. The nuclear plant supplies power to New York City and the eastern seaboard. But for years the plant has struggled with coding and safety violations, and it’s less than an hour’s drive from midtown Manhattan. Cuomo says the facility will be closed in just four years. So where will New Yorkers turn for a replacement source of power? No one really knows. Pia Peterson has the story.

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Community Members Dreading L-Train Shut Down Brainstorm Solutions at Public Workshop

HOST INTRO: For people who take the L-train, the countdown clock is ticking to January 2019, when it will be shut down between 8th Avenue and Bedford Avenue for an estimated 18 months. The MTA and city Department of Transportation say the line needs significant repairs due to damage during SuperStorm Sandy. Now, they’re holding public meetings to ask commuters what transportation alternatives they want to see. And while many still dread the shutdown, others are more optimisitc about what will come of it. Camila Kerwin has more.

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