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The Clio Art Fair is in an industrial building on West 26th st, just under the high line. And it opened this morning.

SOUND: At first glance you see the head of a person

Rochana Dubey is one of forty artists in the fair and has three pieces in the show. She is talking about one of her paintings – it depicts a person’s head with a number of planets going into it. If it sells for 1500 dollars – she’d make nearly all of that

DUBEY I have been an entrepreneur through my life and to be in control of what i make, of what i design, is very important

But that would be different if she was being represented by a gallery. Most galleries take about 50-60 percent. That’s why Italian gallery owner Alessandro Berni set up this show three years ago. He recognizes that artists can do a lot on their own.

BERNI: There are some artists that are able to conquer museums, find costumer and venue space to show without a gallery

The reason: the INTERNET. Alan Bamberger is an art consultant, he says artists have more opportunities than ever to market themselves online

To get themselves out there, to make a case for their work to advocate on their own behalfs. Galleries for many artists make less and less sense.

And the internet has been threatening the galleries for a long time.

It is a concern, particularly that artists can sell online simultaneously with shows at galleries so one of the main issues that galleries have with artists is the trust factor

Trust is hard to win back. But still, being represented by a gallery can open doors that are otherwise closed for independent artists. That’s why painter Rochana Dubey would be open to consider a gallery partnership down the road

DUBEY 2 Galleries have the connection to serious collectors who enjoy art, who would buy. At the end of the day, art is a business, I am here to be able to make a living on my art.

Something she is not able to do at this point.

Andrea Goldsmith, another of the fair’s artists, WOULD also like to be represented by a gallery but hasn’t been able to make it happen yet. She says the effort of marketing herself takes too much time and energy away from making her art.

GOLDSMITH 1: When I think about marketing I think less about painting and when I think about painting I think less about wanting to market.

The Clio Art Fair is open all weekend on West 26th st.
Åsa Secher Columbia Radio News

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