Full broadcast March 7, 2014


Friday March 7th, 2014


CHRIS: It’s Friday, March 7th and you are listening to Uptown Radio. I’m Chris Mossa

MARIE: And I’m Marie Shabaya. On today’s show: The political situation in  Ukraine is sinking the country’s economy.

            AX: “They are broke. They are bankrupt.”

CHRIS: The number of people dying from heroin overdoses is up in New York City. Lawmakers are scrambling to find solutions clinicians say will help the rising epidemic.

“Increasing the criminal penalties is exactly the opposite of what we need            to be doing right now.

MARIE: More parents are thinking about opting out of standardized testing. They say it makes their kids too anxious.

 AX: “It’s not just a handful of kids that are experiencing these effects, it’s everywhere, and every parent feels this.”

CHRIS: And the Allman Brothers Band kicks off their last run of shows tonight at the Beacon Theater.

MARIE: All that and more on Uptown Radio. But first, the news.

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